Mathematics is GoldenVille's number 1 priority in every child. The application and the methodology of Mathematics is well simplified and analyzed to the pupils.

English language is at it's best as pupils at their tender level cummunicate fluently, boldly and correctly. In GoldenVille Montessori School, we speak in the right diction wherever and whenever.

The legibility of a child's handwriting is key to the teacher's heart. So in GoldenVille, we teach pupils the basic rules that will aid them in handwriting.

The behaviour of a child appeals to the child's background or school. In GoldenVille Montessori School, we make sure that our pupils are well equipped with etiquette and social graces needed.

Since health is wealth and cleanliness is next to Godliness..., GoldenVille has the qualified personnel needed in administering this as a subject and as a needed tool in staying alive.

Science in GoldenVille Montessori School is in it's practical and application atmosphere, where pupils are taught and taken through various science practicals.

Socials/Cultural as a broad subject, in GoldenVille is simplified into three arms, and is taught by the teachers relating it to the various way of life of people.

GoldenVille Montessori School is a Christian school and so takes Christianity and it's practices at heart.

The Extra Curriculum programs in GoldenVille explore other potentials in the life of a child with which will aid the child in the day to day activities.